Engineering Measurements and Data Acquisition Class

Join us in Ann Arbor for a Short Course Hosted by Mike Messman

Dear Test and Measurement Engineering Colleague,

Midwest Dynamics PLC is pleased to announce a 2 or 3 day course in Engineering Measurements and Data Acquisition to be held at the Müller-BBM Vibroacoustic Systems, Inc. offices in Ann Arbor, MI on June 4-6, 2014.

This latest course offering has been modified slightly to better suit the interests of attendees. Additional live instrumentation and data analysis demonstrations have been added and the optional third day is focused on building custom transducers and advanced strain gage topics.

Topics to be covered:

transducers and sensors
digital data acquisition systems and recording techniques
strain gage theory and practice
digital signal processing
techniques for successful data acquisition in the field
designing, building, and calibrating custom strain gage based load transducers

The course is technical, but is focused on the practical aspects of making accurate and valid measurements on your vehicles, machines, and equipment.

A detailed .pdf brochure with registration information is attached. Please forward to others in your organization who may have an interest.

Register now to reserve your spot. Seating is limited to 12.

Thank you,

Michael Messman, P.E.
Midwest Dynamics PLC
phone: 864-704-0242