Engineering Measurements and Data Acquisition Class, December 8-10

Midwest Dynamics is hosting their Engineering Measurements and Dynamic Acquisition Class at our Ann Arbor offices on December 8th-10th. The course is a comprehensive, hands-on training opportunity for beginners and experienced users alike. Below you’ll find the course outline and schedule. If you are interested in joining the class please contact Michael Messman at or call (864) 704-0242.


Day 1: Tuesday, December 8

Transducers and Sensors
Concepts and Definitions
Accuracy, Precision, and Resolution
Interpreting Specifications
Natural Frequency vs. Frequency Response
Selection of Sensors for Various Measurements
Transducer Details, Construction, Implementation

Understanding Signal Conditioning
Signal Conditioning Types and Performance
Frequency Response and Phase Shifts
Using and Configuring Slip Rings
Telemetry Considerations
Data Acquisition System Architecture

Strain Gages: Fundamentals
Strain Gage Physics
Wheatstone Bridge
Bridge Output Calculations
Thermal Effects
Understanding and Preventing Lead Wire Errors

Day 2: Wednesday, December 9

Digital Data Acquisition and Analysis
Signal Types Commonly Encountered in Practice
Digital Signal Processing Concepts
Time Domain vs. Frequency Domain Analysis
FFT, Leakage, Windows, FRF
Filters and Application of Filters to Signal Analysis
Integration and Differentiation of Signals
Correctly Recording Signals with Digital Systems
Sample Rate Selection and Prevention of Aliasing
Data Validation

Data Acquisition in the Field
Challenges of Recording Data in the Field
Test Planning and Preparation
Capturing the Duty Cycle
Customer to Test Correlation
Portable Equipment
Installing Instrumentation
Verifying the Setup
Tips for Collecting Field Data
Validating Data in the Field

Day 3: Thursday, December 10

Strain Gages: Advanced Topics
Strain Gage Selection and Installation
Strain Gages for Stress Analysis versus Transducers
Wiring and Soldering
Excitation Voltage Optimization
Calibration Errors Due to Lead Wires
Using Rosettes for Stress Analysis
Calculation of 3D Stresses from Measured Strains
Build Custom Strain Gage Load Transducers
Design of Multi-Axis Load Transducers
Load Cases
Bridge Design
Calculation of Bridge Output for Various Designs
Selection of Materials
Transducer Fabrication
Bridge Protection
Thermal Output
Calibration Techniques and Fixtures
Crosstalk Correction Techniques
Matrix Transducers